We take the stress out of negotiating the best price for your next vehicle. Value, Safety, Quality … Probably Not Your Biggest Considerations It’s great to see our consciousness is not only driven by the need



Buying a new car can be an intimidating, confusing and stressful process.  Car dealerships attempt to maximize their profits by using a multitude of sales tactics to persuade you to spend more than necessary, lose money

Smart Car Shoppers Works For You!

Unlike other car buying sites, Smart Car Shoppers isn’t paid by the automotive industry—we work only for the consumer.

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TO find the right car for YOUR needs!

Smart Car Shoppers will help you:

  • Search thousands of new cars ranked by price, fuel economy, seating capacity or body type.
  • View MSRP and dealer costs for every option you add to your car.
  • Compare multiple vehicles side by side, focusing on standard equipment, options, fuel efficiency, colors, technical specs, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Configure multiple cars and receive quotes from dealerships you select—we will even help you negotiate the best deal!